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  • Wine Accessories

    Wine accessories enhance the wine drinking experience. Epic Products, Inc. carries the largest catalog of wholesale wine accessories available today. Our best selling wine accessory is the CORK CAGE® Cork Holder. Choose from over 80 unique and eye-catching CORK CAGE® designs. Find the latest acrylic wine glasses, made from crystal clear materials that are both beautiful and break resistant. Wine Chill™ Bottle Coolers are an innovative way to cool a bottle of wine in just ten minutes. We also carry bottle coasters and trivets, to protect tables from scratches and bottle moisture. Your customers will appreciate our wine stain remover. It is a life saver. To clean up decanters after use, try our scouring beads, crystal brush, goblet brush and decanter brush. We give you hundred of options when it comes to opening a bottle of wine. Choose from cork pullers, air pump corkscrews, waiter's corkscrews, tabletop corkscrews and wing corkscrews, all designed by Epic. We also offer corkscrews and other wine accessories from manufacturers Le Creuset®, VacuVin™ and Vinturi. Need to cool a bottle of wine? We have several ice buckets for the job. Decanting is a crucial step in enjoying all of a wine's flavors. We carry high quality decanters and aerators to bring all that flavor out. If sparkling wine is your choice, look no further, there are great accessories for Champagne lovers right here. When storing bottles, utilize our cellar tags. After finishing a great bottle, save the label with Label-Off and take notes about the wine with our Wine Journal. Transporting a bottle is safe and secure with choices like WineSkin®, Bottle Guard™ and Chill Along™ travel protectors. Speaking of wine on the go, we have a great selection of wine backpacks, picnic packs and totes. Where to put all those bottles? Get one of our in-house designed wine racks or bottle holders. They are attractive and quite functional too. Putting the cherry on top is important. We have hundreds of bottle stoppers for you, from ceramic topped to glass embellished. Don't forget about the TipTop® Reusable Wine Cork. Its top twists to open and reclose so less air enters your bottle. Want some style in your wine glass collection? Visit our vibrant collection of hand-decorated wine glasses. If you can't finish your bottle of wine, preservers are the thing for you. Choose from pump, gas and automatic style wine preservers. Whatever kind of wine accessories you are looking for, Epic is sure to have it.

    Acrylic Wine Glasses perfect for outdoors.

    Acrylic wine glasses and acrylic champagne glasses for indoor and outdoor use. Break-resistant acrylic drink ware perfect for poolside, picnic, or anytime.
    Wine bottle coolers and champagne bottle coolers.

    Wine bottle coolers and champagne bottle coolers, like Wine Chill™ Gel Totes & sleeves, and VacuVin™ Rapid Ice®. Portable coolers, plastic and aluminum.
    Wine glassware cleansers & brushes, wine stain remover

    Wine glassware cleansers, wine stain removers, and wine glass brushes. Keep your wine accessories sparkling clean, and your clothes and carpets stain-free.
    The Original CORK CAGE® Cork Holders. Over 80 CORK CAGE® designs.

    The Original CORK CAGE® Cork Holders come in over 80 designs including wine bottles, wine barrels, and more. New CORK CAGE® Ornaments, and Bottle Stoppers
    Corkscrews & More

    The corkscrew and cork remover are vital wine accessories. Shop electric cork removers, waiter, wing and lever corkscrews, steel blade pullers, and more.
    Ice buckets for wine and champagne

    Wine ice buckets and champagne ice buckets chill your bottle before being served and after opening. Metal, ceramic, acrylic, portable and inflatable.
    Decanters, Carafes & Wine Aerators

    Wine Decanters, Carafes and Wine Aerators bring out the full flavor and aroma of your wine. Beautifully crafted glass wine decanters & aeration technology. 
    Misc. Wine Accessories

    Wine accessories, tools, gadgets, and supplies for collecting, storing, serving and celebrating wine. Cellar tags, label removers, wine journal, and more.
    Picnic packs, wine backpacks & chilled wine totes

    Wine Backpacks, wine duffels, and wine totes keep your wine and wine accessories safe and well organized. Neoprene or gel wine totes for chilled transport.
    Wine Racks and Wine Holders, outdoor wine holders.

    Wine racks and wine holders for safe wine bottle storage and display. Unique wine racks & wine holders for countertop. Outdoor wine bottle & glass holders.
    Wine bottle stoppers and pourers

    Wine bottle stoppers and pourers in hundreds of unique designs. Ceramic, pewter, and more. TipTop® Reusable cork keeps wine fresh, and pours with a twist.
    Wine Glasses and hand-decorated painted wine glasses

    Wine glasses, hand-decorated wine glass with celebratory, whimsical, pet-themed, flames, or his & her designs. Let your glass reflect your taste and style. 
    Wine Preservation Accessories like air pumps and gas sprays

    Wine preservation methods keep your wine fresh after opening. We have air removal pumps with bottle stoppers and gas spray to keep wine oxidation at bay.

    Personalized Products
    Ceramic Coasters
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