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  • Cheese Accessories

    Cheese accessories for your store. When looking to purchase wholesale cheese accessories, look no further than Epic Products Inc. We carry the simple, yet incredibly smart Cheese Button. Never again will your customers "handle" the cheese they are cutting. Simply stick the Cheese Button into the cheese to be cut, and keep leverage with your fingers on the button. Since you have the button, why not stock some knives too? We have great cheese knives like the ever popular 4 Piece Smiley Face Cheese Knife Set. Not sure what kind of cheese that is? Cheese makers let your customers mark cheeses for easy identification in a party or dining situation. One of our more popular items is our Cheese Servers. They are a great way to serve cheese. They feature tempered glass bodies with rubber "feet", leather hanging loops and nickel-plated spreaders. We also have Cheese Server Gift Sets that include napkins, so all you need is the cheese! Additionally we offer individual cheese spreaders, a cheese plane display and utensil sets. Utensil sets contain a spreader and fork for better control when serving cheese. No matter how you slice it, Epic Products has an outstanding group of cheese accessories that will improve your dining section and store.

    Cheese Buttons for holding cheese while cutting

    Cheese buttons in high-quality acrylic, holds cheese while cutting without using your fingers. Great cheese accessory gift idea for wine & cheese lovers.
    Stainless steel cheese knives & cheese knife sets

    Cheese knives for cutting soft cheese and hard. Give your guests the proper tools for the job. Stainless steel cheese knife sets, ceramic & wood handles.
    Cheese Markers for labelling cheese

    Cheese markers will help make your party a success. Easily write down the name of the cheese on each ceramic cheese marker with dry erase pen. Reusable.
    Cheese Servers with glass surface and cheese knife

    Cheese Servers in numerous designs feature an easily cleanable glass surface, backed by a beautiful graphic. Includes a cheese knife and loop for hanging.
    Cheese Sets with bamboo board on a lazy susan

    Cheese sets feature a wooden bamboo cutting board and 2 stainless steel cheese knives. Constructed on a rotating Lazy Susan base, perfect for dining table.
    Cheese Spreaders, stainless steel blade

    Cheese spreaders - stainless steel blade, feature handle designs like; wine cork, sculpted grapes, and even rhinestones. Perfect for wine & cheese parties.
    Cheese  Planes

    Our cheese planes are made by Ghidini. The cheese plane display set includes 12 commercial quality cheese planes.
    Cheese Utensil Sets, spreader and fork, matching design

    Cheese utensil sets. Matching cheese spreaders and cheese fork sets, stainless steel blades with finely crafted handles, wine-themed nickel plated sets.

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