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  • Party Accessories

    Party Accessories make the evening fun, and Epic Products knows how to have a blast! Start your party accessory stock right at the top with party invitations. If gambling is the name of the game, we carry Bicycle® Playing cards, Jack Daniels® Playing Cards and Bicycle® Poker Chips for all your customers entertainment. Speaking of games, we also carry unique and fun drinking games. We feature six games: Tic Tac Toe, Shots and Ladders, Roulette, Golf, Drinking Tower and Basketball Drinking Games. Now that your customers have lots of family and friends over for their parties, you'll need to stock up on drinkware and diningware. Our drinkware selection includes both glass and acrylic options. We carry glass shot glasses, Martinin glasses, pilsner glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses, all adorned with unique artwork. We also have acrylic tumblers, wine glasses, high ball glasses, Tom Collins glasses, beer mugs, Margarita glasses, Martinin glasses and Champagne glasses, many available with color options. Now all those glasses need coasters. We have those too. For finger foods, stock up with our selections of paper napkins, plates, and cups. To stick all those finger foods, add a few hors d' oeuvres pics and forks to your product mix. Finally, offer your customers glass charms, tags and stickems. They help identify a glass with ease so no one grabs the wrong glass by accident. 

    Wine Bottle Coasters and Champagne Bottle Coasters

    Wine bottle coasters & champagne bottle coasters for all occasions. All styles of bottle coaster. keep wine stable, beautifully presented, prevent stains.
    Coasters for wine, cocktails, beverages

    Coasters in dozens of designs and materials. Beverage coasters made of glass, stone, felt, woven fiber and many more. Coaster styles from elegant to fun.
    Cutting Boards


    Napkins, Plates & Cups

    Pics, Forks & Stirrers


    Glass Charms & Tags


    Personalized Products
    Ceramic Coasters
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