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  • Corkscrews (Misc.)

    Miscellaneous Corkscrews. There are so many different cork removal methods, and corkscrew styles that we had to create another cork removing category to keep them all. Here you'll find a nice selection of Le Creuset® ActivBall models, a few professional-grade lever models, and highly advanced electric corkscrew systems. Not all cork removal gadgets are high-tech, and sometimes a good old bell corkscrew, or the popular Pockete™ whose removable corkscrew housing ingeniously converts into its handle, will do the job. Pockete's™ are the most compact cork removers around, and the protective housing makes them perfect to keep safely in your pocket without getting poked.  Check out the Pockete™ counter-top display canister to boost sales at checkout. 

    Black Pocketes™ Display Canister

    Black Pocketes™ Display Canister x--x
    Blue Pocketes™ Display Canister

    Blue Pocketes™ Display Canister x--x
    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Purple

    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Purple x--x
    Purple Pocketes™ Display Canister

    Purple Pocketes™ Display Canister x--x
    The Breeze™ Corkscrew Set

    The Breeze™ Corkscrew Set x--x
    Bell Corkscrew - Wooden Handle

    Bell Corkscrew - Wooden Handle x--x
    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Carded - Wine Red

    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Carded - Wine Red x--x
    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Wine Red

    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Wine Red x--x
    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Blue

    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Blue x--x
    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Carded - Black

    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Carded - Black x--x
    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Green

    Pockete™ Corkscrew - Green x--x
    Epic Sur-Pull® Corkscrew

    Epic Sur-Pull® Corkscrew x--x
    Wine Red Pocketes™ Display Canister

    Wine Red Pocketes™ Display Canister x--x
    Green Pocketes™ Display Canister

    Green Pocketes™ Display Canister x--x

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