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  • Cork Pullers

    Cork Pullers come in a variety of styles, from simple steel band insert and pull Estates™ and Twistup® Cork Pullers, to The Volta™ Electric Corkscrew System, Epic has the right tool for the job. Sometimes, all you need is a light-weight manual cork puller that easily fits in a pocket, backpack, or drawer that removes the cork with no fuss and no damage. Other times you may want a more advanced electric cork puller that does the work for you. Our Volta™ or Power Up™ electric cork pulling systems featuring foil cutters and quick recharging will be just the thing. Be sure to check out the popular Breeze™ and Le Creuset® Lever style corkscrews also. There are many ways to remove a cork and you can find them all along with hundreds of other innovative wholesale wine accessories at Epic Products.

    Estates™ Corkpuller - Chrome - Wine Red - Carded

    Estates™ Corkpuller - Chrome - Wine Red - Carded x--x
    Twistup® Corkpuller - Black

    Twistup® Corkpuller - Black x--x
    Twistup® Corkpuller - Wine Red

    Twistup® Corkpuller - Wine Red x--x
    The Breeze™ Corkscrew Set

    The Breeze™ Corkscrew Set x--x

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