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  • Wine Preservation

    Wine preservation tools and accessories are important for keeping wine at its optimum freshness after opening the bottle. Unless the entire bottle of wine is consumed, one of these wine preservation systems should be used.  The Epic Wine Savor® wine preservation system removes excess air from the bottle with a convenient pump after inserting the Wine Savor® stopper. This is a fast and easy way to keep wine tasting great between pours and should extend the life of wine in the bottle by days after opening. Similar air removal systems include the VacuVin™ Concerto, or VacuVin™ Wine Saver systems.  Another take on wine preservation is the use of sprays that add a safe layer of gas into the bottle to keep air and oxidation from spoiling the wine. Epic's Private Preserve® is a good example of this gas technique. We also have specially designed stoppers for champagne, and a cool gadget called Epic Auto Wine Preserver, which contains a digital display showing seal status, temperature and wine storage duration. Trust Epic wine preservation accessories to keep your valuable wine at it's best.

    VacuVin™ Stainless Steel Wine Saver Gift Set

    VacuVin™ Stainless Steel Wine Saver Gift Set x--x
    VacuVin™ Wine Saver

    VacuVin™ Wine Saver x--x
    VacuVin™ Replacement Stoppers

    VacuVin™ Replacement Stoppers x--x
    Epic Wine Savor® 1 Pump, 2 Stoppers, Blister Card

    Epic Wine Savor® 1 Pump, 2 Stoppers, Blister Card x--x
    Epic Auto Wine Preserver

    Epic Auto Wine Preserver x--x
    Champagne Stopper

    Champagne Stopper x--x

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