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  • Corkscrews & More

    Corkscrews, cork pullers and all variety of cork removers from tabletop models to air pump styles, and everything in between.  Epic Products has a wide selection to meet every need. Simple yet effective cork pullers like the Twistup® and Estates™ easily insert steel blades for fast cork removal, while the electric corkscrew systems are some of the latest, and coolest wine gadgets made. So many wines, and so many ways to open them. Epic offers dozens of commercial grade wing corkscrews, waiter corkscrews, and lever corkscrews. Not to mention Cork Pops air pump models.  Whether you need cork removers for restaurant, wine bar or tasting room, or home use, this is the ultimate collection of the best corkscrews and cork removers. Don't forget that many of the Waiter / Lever corkscrews can be imprinted for your company, winery, restaurant, or any branding as well. Corkscrews are the most basic of wine accessories, and always make the perfect wine gift.

    Cork Pullers including steel blade, lever, and electric.

    Cork Pullers of all variety. Epic has manual steel band cork pullers, lever corkscrews like Le Creuset,  and electric corkscrew systems like The Volta.
    Misc. Corkscrews and electric corkscrew systtems

    Miscellaneous Corkscrews in many styles. Pockete™ covered corkscrews carry safely in your pocket, Power Up™ electric corkscrew, The Breeze™ Lever, and Bell.
    Waiter Corkscrews & Lever Corkscrews for cork removal

    Waiter Corkscrews & Lever Corkscrews. Variety of colors and designs. High quality construction, fold-up style for convenient cork removal. Corkscrew display.
    Wing corkscrews for cork removal

    Wing Corkscrews. Big selection of wing-style corkscrew. Stainless steel body, numerous colors & designs, enamel graphics. Smooth action double-lever wings.
    Vinturi wine aerators

    Vinturi wine accessories like Essential wine aerator, Tower aerator, sets & replacement filter screens. Vinturi's line of wine accessories at Epic Products.

    Personalized Products
    Ceramic Coasters
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