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Vacuum Bottle Stopper (P/N 79-024).
Vacuum Bottle Stopper New (P/N 79-024). Now with better suction power! Protect and preserve your wine using this combination, sleek bottle stopper and vacuum pump.

Save time searching for separate stoppers and pumps, and save space in your refrigerator with its low-profile design.

To use,
  1. Insert the stopper
  2. Pump out the air
  3. Put bottle in the refrigerator
  4. Wine will stay fresh for up to 10 days
Brand: Epic Products

UPC: 077757790249

Size: 1w x 1d x 4h (in)

Weight: 0.1 lbs

Material: Plastic,Rubber

Works, but cheap


The price is great, but it takes a lot of effort to use, unless you enjoy pumping the stopper up and down a lot. I mostly use mine when first opening a bottle, so that I don't have to drink it in one sitting, but not the best choice for long-term.

Difficult to use product


I find this product very difficult to use you have to push the pump over a hundred times before you feel any pressure the air is out of the bottle

Great value


These stoppers are great and affordable. Pumping is super fast and easy, and the stoppers are low profile so that the bottle fits easily in the fridge. The less liquid remaining in the bottle, the more pumping is required, which seems obvious.

Great Bottle Stoppers


I like these stoppers because they don’t leak, even when the bottles are on their sides.

Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

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Very practical

Love It


best $5.00 spent in a long time. Works as intended. Will buy many more to give as give as gifts to my wino friends.


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From description and price, I feared an almost scam.
I was right. Vacuum pump is NO GOOD.

Can’t beat.

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Best buy

lets make wine sealing great again


this item works but low tech as it does require inordinate pumping to seal. Much better was the previous cylindrical pump that quickly sealed and made a clicking noise when seal was in effect. Wonder where to find that item ??

Impossible to remove topper from wine bottle


VERY DIFFICULT TO USE! There are directions on how to take air out of the wine bottle but no directions on how to completely put out the wine topper from the bottle!!!
Any suggestions from anyone????? NEED HELP!! Easy to put in bottle but impossible to pull topper out of bottle.

Reply from IWA
Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that the vacuum created such a tight seal! In order to remove the stopper, try wriggling the stopper left to right, run the stopper under cold water, or run the neck of the bottle under warm water. Let us know if you need additional assistance!

Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

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What a clever idea to preserve the wine you don't finish. Keeping it refresh