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The replacement worm/auger kit is compatible with our new Estate Openers, and may also be compatible with other manufacturers' Estate and Legacy openers, including Rogar and Wine Enthusiast.
Replacement Worm/Auger Kit for Estate Openers (P/N 19126). The kit includes a replacement Teflon-coated worm and a plastic slug.

Estate Openers sold separately.
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Excellent replacement

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Very hard to find replacement augers and guide plugs for a Rogar opener. Not only does this fit the Estate opener, it works much better than the original did!

Easier than I thought

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My Estate opener is approx. 30 years old and I was devastated when broken. Didn't realize how easy it was to replace worm/auger, inexpensively, and fast. My son-in-law tells me my wine open has seen many miles and there will be more miles to come. Thank you

Finally found it


We had purchased a stand Estate wine opener from Pottery Barn. After about 3-4 years of moderate use, the plastic part of the worm broke. Looked and looked and was even told the replacement part had been discontinued. I thought for sure we now owned an expensive bar ornament. I stumbled into this site and decided to call to confirm this was the correct part. I was assured it was and he was correct. I ordered to use and another as a spare. We are back operational and it works perfectly! Thanks!!!!

Replacement Worm / Auger for Estate Openers


Although I live in Spain, my order was processed quickly and I had the product in hand in exactly 1 week. Well done IWA!!<br><br>I have been extremely frustrated with the Estate Wine Opener manufacturer and their inability to furnish replacement/repair parts. IWA has fulfilled my need and the parts I received yesterday fit perfectly bringing my opener back to full operational status.<br><br>Muchas gracias mi Amigos!!

Perfect replacement part

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Previously provided (but just in case)....<br><br>I have been severely disappointed in the Rogar company for the total lack of parts support for their openers. I've owned a Bronze Estate opener for about 15 years and they seem to have written the customers off as unimportant. I can no longer obtain the needed parts from them and they seem to have no interest in pursuing another manufacturer of parts to support the customers.<br><br>However, IWA came to the rescue. Even though I live in Spain my order arrived in 1 week. Amazing given the international shipping time delays. The part fits my Estate opener perfectly and I've given it several operational tests over the last week or so. I'm a very happy customer of IWA.<br><br>Thank you, or as I would say here, Muchas gracias mi amigos!!

Difficult to install


There were no instructions provided to tell you how to install the new auger. I had to guess at how disassemble the opener, being careful to remember where all the pieces would go. It took about 15 minutes to do the job. Also, I was hoping the auger would be teflon coated (as in the photo) but it was not.



a functional replacement. given rogar's present lack of a slug supplier. for me easy enough to install. though fits in the estate tightly. hopefully strong enough to wear in rather than break.

Cheaply Made

by -

Didn't fit my Estate opener. The auger was half the diameter of the original. Seen cheaply made.

Excellent replacement part


I received the replacement worm/auger very quickly and it was very easy to install. It works perfectly and easily opens bottles of wine for me to enjoy. Cheers!

Works like a champ


Works like a champ even with the original fat auger in the Rogar Estate Wine Opener. (I could not figure out how to get the old auger out easily so I just tried the new guide on the old fat auger and voila!)

Estate Wine Opener replacement part


Our Estate wine opener was a gift from my husband's aunt and uncle, who are deceased. Sentimental value. When it broke, we were so happy to find a replacement part that works perfectly. Love the speedy shipping too.

Fixed what Rogar couldn't


Since Rogar could not supply me with a guide slug, I went with the auger kit from IWA.
<br>It worked great! Removed the auger and used the slug. Easy to install and seems to work good as new.

Returning satisfied customer

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This is the second replacement kit for the worm/auger that we've bought. The last one was in 2002, so, they really last. And, it's not like we don't use the wine opener. We use it on the average of three times a week. IWA makes it easy to order and are quick to deliver. Kudos!



Purchased just to be prepared should a problem develop.

Replacement part


I bought a Estate Wine opener at an estate sale and realized the worm was broken. I made several calls around town to see if it could be fixed. No one had a clue. I stumbled across the IWA website and called the phone number. Whoever I talked to said I was basically out of luck. No such part existed. I got a call a couple days later from IWA asking if I had called and what I wanted. I had the part within the week. But I can't figure out how to replace it. I called back to ask. They are suppose to send me instructions. I sure hope they do Still waiting



The replacement part was on back order when I ordered it. The expected shipping day was accurate & it was delivered in 2 days. The part fit perfectly, and installing went great. The replacement part seems much more durable than the original! Bonus! I'm so happy with the experience & the product.

Estate repair

by -

After 17 years and about 1000 pulls my plastic cork screw guide split into 2 pieces on my Estate wine opener. IWA came to my rescue with a worm/auger repair kit. Came fast, installed easy,<br>I am pleased.... thanks

fits perfect but a crappy screw

by -

Part fit perfectly but I threw away the corkscrew as it was a much poorer quality than the one on the machine already.

Great place for this replacement part!


I needed the plastic Auger which fits tight but works perfectly. The screw is cheap and I discarded it. Surprised the estate wine opener people do not have parts. My plastic part has now broken four times in recent years.

IWA Service the BEST


We were saddened when our beloved Estate wine opener broke (after 18 years of constant use). Luckily IWA had the exact replacement part and our opener is back in service. YEAH Thank you IWA for not only having the right part but also for your quick friendly service!!!

Refectory Replacement

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Perfect fit. Good picture included to show how parts fit.

Great fit

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Parts came quickly, fit perfectly, back in working order, better than in a long time. Didn't have to use the augers but wonder whether they would hold up. Seem pretty skimpy,



Thank you , I have received exactly what I have ordered , the shipping was right on time as you promised.
<br>no complaints !
<br>I will keep your company in my files for future purchases .

Best place for anything "Wine"!


After being told by Estate that the parts I needed for my Estate wine opener were no longer available I thought I would have to buy a new opener. But after checking the IWA site I not only found the parts I needed but they were in stock at an excellent price. I received them in 3 days along with instructions. IWA is definitely my new "go to" place for anything wine related!

Awesome inexpensive replacement part!


I have had my Estate wine opener for 17 years and have enjoyed the ease with which it operated up until recently. <br>After taking it apart and examining it's inner workings, I discovered the plastic auger that encased the actual corkscrew had broken. I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new opener, when a couple weeks later by chance I saw a link to the IWA website that carries replacement parts! <br>I ordered the replacement auger for much less than it would have cost to buy a new opener. When it came it looked a bit different than the old piece so, I had my concerns that it might not work. I was more than happy when after putting it back together that it worked (though a bit stiffly at first)!<br>A couple of corks later, it works like it did when it was brand new!<br>I'm so pleased that I found this easy fix from IWA. I will definitely order from them again.