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Perfect for wine service at the dining table.
Le Creuset Table Model Corkscrew (P/N tm100l2j-31). This compact corkscrew is very easy to use. Just position the opener over a bottle of wine, twist the handle to insert the screw into the cork, then twist in the opposite direction to extract it.
Brand: Le Creuset

UPC: 630870251693

Weight: 0.5 lbs

Material: Plastic

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le creuset table model corkscrew


this is a great corkscrew, especially for my wife, who has problems with other types.

Table Model Corkscrew

by -

I have used the table model corkscrew for years with no problems. It works well on wax topped bottles. This purchase is a gift for a friend that does not have one. Would I recommend it ? Yes.

Table Model Corkscrew Review


Thank you for providing a quality corkscrew. I have spent some time with friends who own corkscrews from an era long ago, and which require a rocket scientist who understands physics in order to use them. I own a cork screw similar to the one which you carry, and decided it was high to for them to be awakened to what a truly decent corkscrew, such as yours, is.

Best corkscrew by far

by -

I love this corkscrew! I had a fancy Rabbit which broke and was using an old family corkscrew from the 50's, metal with movable arms. This one is by far the best: light, simple, very easy to use. Thank you!

Stalwart Wine Bottle Opener


I finally broke mine, after a good 10+ years of use. Ordering a replacement now! Friends visiting our home are often not sure how to use it, but then are pleasantly surprised with how easily it works! My first one was a gift from a friend, based on how she loved it as a a gift from her mother.

No more oven gloves


I've used three other types of openers, and this one is the easiest to work with ! I broke one with "teeth", luckily I was using oven gloves.



I saw this product on Test Kitchen and sent it to a friend as a gift. It was shipped promptly and arrived safely, keeping me notified by email. Hope she likes it!
My only "thing" was that a $20 item, with gift tag($6+) and shipping was quite pricey. Still a bargain, since I can't shop brick-n-mortar due to the pandemic.

Cork saver


Eat wine opener in world. Have had many. Never breaks cork! No need to pull cork out.
Extra thin screw saves cork. But who really needs the cork again.
Great product.

Most reliable low-cost corkscrew!


The most reliable inexpensive corkscrew ever! Why spend more when this one works like magic and is easy to turn and remove cork?

25 Years and still works like a charm.


I have owned the table and pocket models for over 25 years since they were sold by Screwpull. Easiest and most reliable corkscrew to remove wine corks. Rarely do these models break a cork under 12 years of age. With wines more than 15 years old, I use a Durand, introduced to me by my country club for old Bordeaux, Barolo and the like.

Great opener!

by -

I love this corkscrew...however I had a Screwpull with a foil cutter on it before and after 15 yrs it finally broke. A foil cutter would be a great addition.