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IWA Exclusive! Seal your wine bottles and slow down the oxidation process with these non-toxic, reusable, leak-proof silicone stoppers.
IWA Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers Set of 6 (P/N 16693). Our silicone bottle stoppers are designed to create a leak-proof, air-tight seal in virtually any size 750ml wine bottle.

No need to force the cork down into an opened bottle! These stoppers have a low profile top that will fit easily in the refrigerator, either standing up or on its side, while the tapered body ensures an air-tight, leak-proof seal.

No drips, even when the bottle is on its side!

Protect your wine from oxidation, aromas and gnats with these food-grade silicone stoppers.

Available in 6 designer colors. Each set includes 1 of each color: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Burgundy and Translucent.
Brand: IWA

Size: 1 1/4w x 3/4h (in)

Weight: 0.3 lbs

Material: Silicone

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IWA Silicone Bottle Stoppers--set of six


Great colors, easy to insert and easy to clean. Love them. Would recommend these to my friends and family.

Great product

by -

These stoppers look and work great. With getting 6, you can share with friends as gifts, of course with a bottle of wine too.

Silicone Wine bottle stoppers


Good closure so far, with no drips. Easy to clean.

Super great invention

by -

I wanted to buy these for a long time. Finally got around to doing it. They work well. They are inexpensive. I would recommend to anyone.



Love the colors!

Silicon wine stoppers


Easy to use and seem to seal bottle well. Like the colors.

No more leaking bottles

by -

I love these flexible wine bottle stoppers. They allow me to store an open bottle of wine on its side without leakage - in the refrigerator or in my wine rack. Love them!

Wine Stoppers


I had been searching for silicone wine stoppers with little success until I received your catalog. I ordered the stoppers and they were perfect. The colors are great, the price was reasonable, and I received them just when you said I would.

Thank You. Al

Wine Bottle Stopper


Tight seal and convenient on/off use and easy cleaning and storage.

Solved a problem for me

by -

These stoppers are perfect!! I generally use a bottle of wine for several days and prefer to keep it in my wine cooler laying on its side. My "old" supply of stoppers frequently leaked and left a mess in my cooler. These stoppers fit great, have a low profile when inserted into the bottle and don't leak. Problem solved.

IWA Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers

by -

Great price! Very functional.

Best wine stopper ever!

by -

I just purchased my second set of these silicone stoppers. They work fantastically on our open bottles of wine and are easy to use. I've given away several to relatives so they can see how easy they are to use. I love that you get 6 different colors. Every home should have a few of these stoppers.

Perfect Wine Stoppers for both white and red wines


We find these silicone wine stoppers perfect for using with both our bottles of white and red wine. We put the white wine bottles in the refrigerator and leave the red wine bottles in the panty.

The silicon is not affected by cold or by heat so they work all the time. And the silicon is flexible enough so when you put the stoppers into a bottle, it forms for a tight, leak free fit. This is important because not all wine bottles are the same size. These stoppers fit all the different wine bottles that we've tried.

We like that the top of the stopper is easy to grasp which makes it easy to pull the stopper out of the bottle even when it's a tight fit.

We love the flat top of these stoppers as it doesn't add to the height of the wine bottle so that they fit into our refrigerator without problem. When we've used other "taller" stoppers, they just would not fit into our refrigerator.

We bought this "6 pack" so we can have multiple bottles of wine open at the same time and still have a couple of spares.

The price on a per-unit basis is fantastic as this bottle stopper feels like it will last forever. You just can't go wrong with these silicon bottle stoppers.

Can't lose these!


Brightly colored and easy to find in the kitchen drawer. Keeps wine well.

Perfect Solution


Now the wine bottles will work in the refrigerator.

Great item for the wine cellar!


I rarely have the occasion to use a stopper, but these stoppers are great. No effort to put them in the bottle, unlike trying to fit a used cork back in the bottle...and these stoppers don't leak!

Perfect stoppers


Best stoppers I've found. We use them for beer and other bottles, too.

Love these stoppers


I love these and have bought them in the past. I share them with my friends and local bar tenders

Review: IWA Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers (#16693)


Excellent!! Wine bottle stoppers work great - better than expected, especially when the wine bottle is laid on its side. No drips, no runs, no errors! I highly recommend this product.

No more spills


Work exactly as advertised! I can lay opened bottles of white on their side in the fridge and there is no spilling.

Excellent wine stoppers!

by -

The IWA Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers are the best for keeping wine in open bottles fresh. They seal tight, but aren't difficult to remove. I love the different colors.

stoppers actually work


the bottle stoppers actually work, which is plus. other stoppers we've purchased haven't. the different colors are amusing conversation starters. we like them so well we purchased two sets and may but more. the last tasting we hosted involved 12 bottles of wine, 10 red and two white. we, of course, used the white stoppers for the white wine. so very german of me my wife said. i encourage every wine lover to buy a set, even if you drink the bottle empty. you still have to allow the reds to breath.

Buy these now


This was the best purchase that I've made recently. Use them just about every day. So much easier than trying to reuse a cork.

Love these!!!

by -

I bought two sets so I could give a few to each of several friends (plus keep a few for myself!). They are really great! They do work as advertised--wine can be stored on it's side. But, they are easy to put on and remove. Much better than using the cork. No chance of crumbling!!!

EXCELLENT PRODUCT - NO "whining" here


Purchased these stoppers for my husband for Christmas. He was requesting stoppers with a low profile, that would seal tightly when the bottle was laid over in the refrigerator. I went on the hunt and discovered these. They received great reviews, so I figured why not. So glad I did. They have lived up to every expectation. They seal tightly, yet pop open easy. Great low profile. Looking forward to using these for long time.