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511 In Stock


Don't settle for cheap knockoffs. Authentic Rogar Estate and Champion Openers are renowned for their quality and durability. Opens both standard and flanged wine bottles. IWA Exclusive.
Rogar Estate Opener Bronze with Dark Wood Stand (P/N 34334). Opening a bottle of wine has never been easier. With 1 swing of the handle, the cork is penetrated and removed. To re-cork, simply reverse the motion.

The opener clamps to the included Solid Dark Wood Display Stand. Also clamps directly onto a table.

Each opener includes
  • A counter clamp to attach the opener securely to the wood stand or directly to a table
  • A flanged clamp to grip the wine bottle
  • Constructed from durable aluminum alloy
  • Molded with a grape motif that evokes 19th century Americana
  • Bronze finish
  • Stained dark wood handle
  • Matching stained wood stand

We offer personalized custom etching on the base for an additional cost. Available in your choice of custom initials #36065 or custom artwork #36064.
Brand: Rogar

UPC: 077757305467

Size: 12 1/2w x 6d x 23h (in)

Weight: 11.8 lbs

Material: Metal

One year limited warranty. If any problems occur, simply return the opener and we will fix it or replace it.

Rogar User Instructions

Authentic Rogar Estate Opener


I have had my Estate wine bottle opener for 14 years. I absolutely love it. I just ordered one as a gift for a very special person. She was overwhelmed with such a nice gift. Don't be mislead by the cheap knockoffs. None can compare with this original.

Looking for the best gift ever, this is it!

Worth the money.


We had some other brands and they were less expensive... and they broke. This is much better built.

Best Wine Opener


Great product

Outstanding bottle opener

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I saw a Rogar bottle opener recently (an older model though) and loved it so much that I had to order one for myself. The bottle opener is outstanding, very convenient to open and close bottles.
I had an issue with the handle but customer service was great and promptly sent a replacement part and now it works perfectly!


by -

We are unable to use the stand because it is too
unstable and not sturdy, we used the stand from our old wine opener!

Reply from IWA
Carolyn, we're so sorry that your wooden stand isn't stable. Please contact our customer support team and we'll send a replacement immediately!



chic, easy to use, never crash the cork



practical, elegant but the base could be more heavy



the wood handle does not fit properly

Best wine bottle opener


This bottle opener is very high quality, and perfect for our wine room. Not only does it open bottles, but also recorks them! It look beautiful and is highly functional.

Great Christmas gift


The wine opener is well made and seems sturdy. My only concern is the actual spiral component is loose. Maybe that's by design.

Excellent Choice


I gave this as a gift. It was back ordered but arrived just in time for Christmas. Craftsmanship is excellent and my son-in-law was ecstatic. He and my daughter are big wine drinkers and they’ve used a few times already. IWA was absolutely on top of my purchase as it was delayed. They got it done though! Thanks for making me look good!

Great wine opener, lots of compliments!

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Purchased my second Rogar wine opener from IWA right before Christmas. Due to my late buy decision, wine opener would not arrive in time. IWA graciously allowed me to pick up from their Northern CA warehouse. From their folks on the phone, who always pick up your call, to the warehouse people everyone is courteous and professional and overly accommodating!

Rogar Estate Wine Opener


We love our Rogar Estate wine opener which makes opening a bottle of wine a special event. The easy to use wine opener is also a conversation piece when people see it! We keep ours in our bar on the counter for ease of use. Thanks for such a great product!

The perfect gift!


We purchased a Rogar Estate Wine Opener, at Christmas, about 12-years ago. After (2) moves and many (MANY!) bottles of wine, it is still our only opener.
We liked it so much we purchased another Rogar Estate Wine Opener for my wife's sister, who's been admiring ours for years.
The perfect Christmas gift!

Great for residential use. No so much in a commercial environment.


OK - CAVEAT -- we are a commercial winery tasting room. We open thousands of bottles a year. We have a couple of these things in operation at all times. And lots of spare parts. They look great, look really cool when you operate it. People are always impressed.

We keep a supply of spare parts. because things break. The plastic slug inside is the worst. It snaps at the most inopportune time. And if you have a bottle on the screw at the wrong moment, you are working to undo things.

Also, the newer versions seem to be made differently than the older models. They wear, grind and don't seem to flow as smoothly as the original Rogar units. We find the internal casing has severe scoring after a hundred bottles or so.

If you will be using this as a casual user, opening a few bottles a week, you will be fine and really enjoy this product. I would not recommend this product for a hundred of bottles a week.

Handsome on the outside, faulty on the inside.


Over the past 3 years I have purchased 2 of these wine openers, one for myself and one for a friend. Within a year, the handles on both were stripped and fell off, rendering the product worthless. One handle was replaced free of charge because it happened within 12 months of purchase. The other was out of warranty so I had to purchase another handle for this one. In seven months, this handle also became stripped =, rendering the product useless. I was very emparassed that my friend found his broken. I had hoped Frontgate would give me refund on my unit after all this trouble but the best they would do is issue a $100 credit. So my quandary: do I buy a new one I will have to spend an additional $60 to purchase where the handle will probably break after several months use? I open a bottle of wine once every 2 weeks, so extreme usage is not the problem. The product is simply poorly designed.

Rogar Estate Opener

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My kids just received theirs and love it!!

Looks better than it works- shop around .

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The only thing I can say is that it looks great. NONE of corks are fully extracted. After going through the process the cork remaining is either still lodged 3/4 to 1/2 of an inch in. To extract the corks fully I have to twist the bottles with a pull and twist motion. Last time I had to have someone else hold the opener while I twisted and pulled because the cork was still in the neck.

Reply from IWA
James, thank you for your feedback! The cork should be mostly if not fully extracted when using the opener correctly. Please make sure you start by holding the bottle in an elevated position near the opener - it should not be resting on the base while removing the cork, but instead held by the clamp - then swing the arm all the way forward (one direction only) - standard corks should be removed entirely. You can see detailed instructions here: If you continue to have problems, please give us a call and we'll be glad to assist you!

Easy and fast

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This opener is easy to use and very quick. Great for good size parties.

Great Wedding Gift


I sent the Roger Estate Opener as a wedding gift and newlyweds loved it. The process of ordering from IWA is easy and the delivery is fast. I have owned one for about twenty years and I think everyone should own one. Opening a bottle of wine is flawless and recorking it is even easier plus it becomes a piece of conversation every time. IWA is a great company to deal with, very professional, and reliable plus they carry parts for this opener if you ever need one.

Good quality

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Great material and very sturdy

International Shipping


How do I go about shipping one internationally? Really want to send this as a gift to South Africa. Thanks

Very pretty

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Very pretty. Took a while to ship because item was in back order but it was worth the wait.

Impressed and happy


I was looking for a bottle opener that was not only fast, functional, and easy to use, but also good looking and of good quality. This item checks all the boxes for me.



Ordered two. One was damaged but IWA has moved quickly to send me a new piece.